Monday, April 30, 2012

Firebirds Mile

Last Thursday I went to a local high school to run the Firebirds Mile. It's fun to see how fast you can run a mile! I'm a member of my local running club and despite not running too much in the last 3 years, I renew my membership each year. The club hosts quite a few local races throughout the year that are free to club members. This was one of them!

I ran this back in 2009 and my time was 9:19.39. My only goal this time around was to break 10 minutes. My time? 8:49.1!! I never dreamed I would break 9 minutes, but when I came upon the final straight away (where I had already planned to give it my all) and saw the clock, I booked it! I was ecstatic and I felt great. It helped to have Jack waiting on the sidelines too.

There's another mile run in July and I hope to be even faster!

I found a few pictures online thanks to the photographer(s) they had there. This first one was in the second lap (I think). I remember seeing the camera but thinking the person next to me would block me from the shot. I look like I'm just out for an easy stroll! And look at the kid behind me. Ha!

This is during the final stretch where I really gave it my all:

The man directing the runners to the finish said I had the form of a distance runner. It was so motivating to hear that!

I used to do weekly track workouts with a training group. I really miss it and hope to add some speed training to my routine. I love sprinting!

Stay tuned for the results of yesterday's 10K! :)

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divinefrenzy said...

That's so awesome!! Congrats on your awesome time!!! I actually just signed up for a 1-miler down here. It's part of a half training program/group that I plan on joining in July. They will do a "follow-up" 1-miler in November (right before or after the half) to see how far you will have come since then.

You take great racing photos!