Monday, March 24, 2008

Week 8

Last week was awesome!! I went to the gym 6 days and feel great. Monday and Wednesday mornings I used the elliptical and did strength trainging, Tuesday and Thursday nights I ran 30 minutes each, Sunday I used the stationary bike for 40 minutes and Saturday I did my long run- 5 miles!! It took me 65 minutes to finish and I ran the entire time. It feels great being able to run for an hour no matter the pace. I am definitely getting excited for my 10K. I have more experience this time so I'm really hoping I can beat my previous time which is 1:06:45 (10:45 min/mile). I went to the gym already today- ran for 25 minutes and did strength training. My runs are finally getting a little easier and I'm able to go a little faster. This Sunday I plan on running 6 miles and then next week 7. Woah!! I don't think I'll do more than 7 before the race. I'll continue to run afterwards though and hopefully I'll run a 10-miler later in the year. I'm enjoying running again and it's awesome!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Week 7

I'm half way there- the 10K is about 6 weeks away. The last 2 weeks weren't so great. I only got in 2 runs each week. But I'm committed and really want to do well. Yesterday I did my 4 mile long run. I thought I might need to stop half way to take a walking break, but I didn't need to. I ran a 13-minute mile so it took about 50 minutes to complete, but I did it! This Sunday I'll go for 5 miles. After running the 4 yesterday I feel really good. It had been way too long since I've run that far. I even got up and went to the gym this morning. I'm supposed to rest after a long or hard run or do cross training (any activity that isn't running) so I did the elliptical for 15 minutes and then did some weight training. I never do anything other than running but 2 days a week I should be cross training with only 1 (maybe 2) rest day(s) a week. With my work schedule that isn't an easy task to accomplish, but I'm trying and I'm always finding new ways to stay motivated which helps. I know this is going to be a great week! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Week 5

In case you're wondering, my weeks begin on Monday making today the first day of week 5. Last week was much better. I got in my 4 days of running that I was aiming for and even a little bit of weight training. Yesterday I ran 3 miles in 37 minutes (my long run is done on Sunday) and this week I'm going for 4 miles. I'm still not excited to go to the gym, but I know I'll feel great afterwards and crappy if I don't go so that motivates me some. I don't have a scale at home so I'm not keeping track of weight loss, but I think I'm losing inches which is great. That's all I've got for now but I'll continue to keep you updated!