Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Foodie Penpals Reveal

I mentioned in a previous post that I had signed up for Foodie Penpals. October was the first month I participated and it is super awesome! I can't wait to do it again and again!

This month I received my package from Shannon at Skinny Sometimes. Check out her blog if you get a chance. She has some amazing looking recipes posted! I told her I'm trying to eat healthier but that I also enjoy sweets. I got a lot of yumminess!

I wasn't sure where to start and I haven't tried everything yet, but I'm looking forward to!

These veggie crunchers are so good! It took some serious willpower to not eat the whole bag as soon as I opened it. This is definitely something I would buy.

These raspberry tartlets are super sweet and oh so delicious! I was very surprised (and pleased) to open the box and discover the tarts individually wrapped (although it says so right on the box!). They're small and because they're so sweet, one is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. I can't overdo it and I love that!

I would love to receive items I can share with my family, especially Jack. I told her I have a 2 year old son and she completely surprised me by sending a few items just for him!

These Disney fruit crisps are way healthier than fruit snacks and he loves the Teddy Grahams cookies! Thank you so much for including Jack in this month's package!

The Fiber One PB&J bars are just about gone. Everyone in my family participated in eating those! I was happy to receive snack bars that I had never tried before. I look forward to trying the individual ones as well as the smoothies.

A big thanks to Shannon for the wonderful package and for making my first month a great one! :)

Wanna join for November? You have until November 4th to sign up and matches will be sent out on the 5th. For all the info, go visit Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean!

The Lean Green Bean

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

8 Mile Run & Upcoming Races

I've fallen off track with Ripped in 30 the last week. I got a little sick, then I was home with a sick 2 year old who was throwing up all night and day. Not fun! I plan on getting back on track tomorrow! I'll start week 4 next week and then I might start the whole thing again or go back to the 30 Day Shred. We'll see!

I did run as much as possible, even when I wasn't feeling too hot. I knew last week would be the last week I could take Jack out for runs after work so I took advantage of it. Saturday I went to a baby shower in the morning so I planned my long run for that afternoon. I wasn't looking forward to it but knew I'd feel worse if I skipped it. I was planning on doing a route that takes me about 6.5 miles. I did 7 a couple weeks ago and something in me wanted to push for 8. I decided I'd see how I felt.

On long runs it always takes me a couple miles to warm up and settle in. At first I was tired and feeling like it would be a struggle to even do 6. Then I got more into it and I let my legs take over. I listened to an audiobook and I think that helped. Instead of focusing on the run I was focused on the book. It was great! I hit 7 and kept going for 8. When I get into the zone like that I feel like I could run for hours. It makes me wonder just how many miles could I run if I didn't have a goal? Running is just as much of a mental sport as it is physical and I think if I had someone to run with or had an audiobook to distract me, I could run for over 3 hours. Maybe running a full marathon wouldn't be as scary as it sounds! But that's years down the line!

For now I need to focus on training for my upcoming races! I'm registered to run a 10K this Sunday and it'll actually be my 35th official race. Crazy! I'm looking forward to it and again, I'm not going into it with any time goals. Although I have run this race in the past and I'm curious to see how my times will compare.

I'm also officially registered for the Rock 'n' Roll half marathon in D.C. next March! It'll be my 2nd half and I can't wait! I'm not sure how training will go since I won't be running during the week very much, if at all. I'll still run long runs on the weekends but I love the shorter weekday runs and I think they're important. I might run with a group 1 night a week but with Sidney working nights, I'd have to find someone to watch Jack. Hopefully I can work something out! Maybe I'll run sprints up and down the stairs. You gotta do what you gotta do, right?!

Oh, and my total mileage for October? 64.84! My best month yet! :) 

What upcoming races are you looking forward to?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Black Hill 10K Race Recap

This past Saturday was the Black Hill 10K cross country race. I hadn't run an official, timed race since June and was really looking forward to it. I was a little anxious because I had no idea what to expect. I've only run 1 or 2 cross country races in the past and those were 5K's.

The race was brutal! It was very hilly and it was hard to follow the dirt trail. It was covered in leaves, there were a ton of rocks, and a lot of twists and turns. I twisted my foot half a dozen times on the rocks and almost fell on my face once or twice. I was constantly looking down, trying to watch where I stepped.

Despite the toughness of the race, I'm happy to say that I ran the whole thing. I carefully crossed over 2 creeks and stepped over a few logs and I slowed way down on some of the hills. But I never walked. I stopped once to snap this picture:

It was such a beautiful morning for a run in the woods! I came in 98th out of 105 total runners with a time of 1:18:02. I didn't go in with a time goal and I'm very happy with what I did.

This race was put on by the local road runner's club which I'm a member of. They put on a number of low-key races throughout the year that are free for members. This was only the 2nd club race I've done this year but next year I plan on taking full advantage of my membership!

Here's my race photo, taken during the last half mile:

I saw the photographer and was trying to be serious and look focused. I think I need to start smiling when I see a camera!

I'm still getting in a few runs throughout the week. We've been having amazing weather this week and, with the knowledge that colder weather and earlier sunsets are right around the corner, I've been enjoying it as much as possible.

Here are a few pictures from my weeknight runs:

And my favorite:

So far I've run 54.57 miles this month. With one week left, I know I'll hit 60! And that's all running; none of it is walking. I'm so proud of the things I'm accomplishing!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ripped in 30 and Running Update

I just want to post a quick update to let you all know how I'm doing! I started week 2 of Ripped in 30 and let me tell you, it is intense!! My triceps and shoulders are really feeling it which I love. I can't even begin to imagine how tough weeks 3 and 4 are going to be, but I'm trying not to think about it and just focus on getting through week 2. Jillian is a lot tougher on this DVD than she was on the 30 Day Shred. It's closer to what I would expect from her!

I've been running as much as possible, knowing that in a few very short weeks I won't be able to run after work anymore. I'll still run on the weekends, but I will not run by myself in the dark. I'm not stupid! I'm thinking I might add a DVD at night. Jillian Michaels in the morning and some kind of cardio in the evening. Zuumba, maybe? I don't know yet, but we're only halfway through the month and I've already logged over 32 miles. I'll definitely hit my goal of 50 and now I'm trying for 60. It's definitely doable!

I've been doing a lot better with my food choices although I did have a chocolate donut on Saturday. Oops! I've been thinking about donuts for a long time though and now it's out of my system so I don't regret it! I'm trying to be extra good this week because my birthday is next Monday and you know what that means.....birthday cake!! :)

Here's Jack and I before a run last week. It was chilly! Jack requested his blanket about halfway through. I think he mostly wanted to cover up his hands.

After the run, playing at the park!

If I can drag my 2 year old out in the cool air and run for 3+ miles while pushing 40 pounds, then surely you can go out for a couple miles too! It's not easy but it's definitely worth it. The only workouts you regret are the ones you didn't do!

Monday, October 8, 2012

7 Mile Run

The first week of October was great! I ran 5 out of 7 days and other than a couple treats, I ate very well. I did skip my morning workout with Jillian for 3 days in a row and I hate skipping more than 1 day. But I got back on track with Ripped in 30 today and plan to do it all week.

I had a 5K on my schedule for Sunday. It was cold and rainy and the last thing I wanted to do was run a cross country 5K. There was no pre-registration so I could've easily backed out. I pulled out my running tights, long-sleeved shirt, and weatherproof coat and headed out. I was about half way there and looking up the directions when I noticed the site said the race is on October 28th. What??!!

I turned around and went home and decided to go out for a run since I had fueled up and was ready to go. I wanted to go at least 5 miles and was planning on doing the same route I did a couple weeks ago when I ran 6.4. I was nearing the end when I noticed I had gone 6.5 miles. I decided to keep going and make it to 7. It took me 1 hour, 25 minutes and I ran the entire way. It felt great! It certainly beats a 5K! Which, by the way, had been originally scheduled for the 7th and I just didn't know the date had changed. So I'm not completely crazy! :)

I'll leave you with how I end most of my runs:

Not bad, huh?

Monday, October 1, 2012

September Recap & October Happenings

September was great! Workout wise, I had an awesome month. I made my goal of getting in 50 miles in one month and actually set a new personal record and went 61.27 miles!! I'm going to continue my goal of going 50 miles for October. I also did the 30 day shred almost every day (I usually skip one day a week) and today was day 29. I'll finish it tomorrow and then I'm starting Ripped in 30. Originally I was planning on doing a few more days of level 3, but I'm really anxious to start the new DVD.

On Saturday I took a whole new set of pictures. These will serve as my before pics even though I'm almost done with the shred. I eat great during the week but it all goes to shit on the weekends. I'm changing that this month. I want to see some real results from Ripped in 30.

I increased my plank time and set a new personal record about a week ago. New time- 3:34!! I'm now number 16 on the plank leader board. :)  Next goal- 4 minutes. Yikes!! I know I'll get there though!

Today, being October 1st, is day 1 of the #LiveLeanEatGreen October Photo-A-Day challenge. I am super excited to be participating because it's going to motivate me to eat healthy and try new things. Today's challenge is to eat extra veggies at lunch. I made a turkey sandwich and packed a side salad with orange peppers and cucumbers. It's delicious (I'm currently eating!) and it's making me wonder why I haven't thought to do this sooner. It was so easy to put together this morning and it's healthy. Winner! And I'm not able to finish my sandwich thanks to all these delicious filling veggies! Friday's challenge is to try a new vegetable. I bought some Kale yesterday to make this week. I've always wanted to try it but never have. Now I will! Some of the other challenges involve working out or just enjoying life. Check it out and give it a try!

I have a 5K scheduled this Sunday and a 10K on the 20th. I haven't run an official race since my half marathon in June and I'm not going to set any time goals for these. I just want to have fun and finish! It's getting chilly but I'm going to continue running a few times a week all month. I'm not sure what I'm going to do once it starts getting dark at 6, but I'll figure it out when the time comes. For now, I'm going to enjoy October and all the challenges it holds! If you know me, you know I love a challenge. :-)