Monday, April 12, 2010

Bob Ironman

I did it. Yesterday I purchased a very expensive, way awesome jogging stroller from REI. I knew I wanted a Bob. They're the best and I plan on doing some serious running. I went with the Ironman over the Revolution because it will only be used for running. The Revolution can be used for everyday use because the front wheel locks or unlocks depending on what you're doing. The Ironman's front wheel is permanently locked, therefore not ideal for strolling around the mall. I have a great smaller stroller for everyday use, so I went with the all-powerful Ironman. I knew I wanted it in yellow but they didn't have that one in stock. I figured I should get the one I really want since I'm spending so much. The guy helping me asked, "Have you seen the yellow? It's really bright!" Haha, I've seen it and I love it! They ordered it for me and I'll pick it up at the store. I'll post pictures when I get it. I can't wait to take it for a spin! Oh, and the best part? I got to use my 20% off coupon and saved $70! Woohoo!