Monday, April 23, 2012

Fun Run

I've been trying to run at least two shorter runs a week, but it's been hard with the crazy weather we've been having. I don't mind running in the cold and/or rain, but don't want to take Jack out in it. It's cold and rainy today, but I'm hoping it warms up enough to be able to run tomorrow.

Last week I ran on Tuesday but Thursday I had to go to packet pick-up for the 5K. The running store that was holding the pick-up just happens to also host a fun run on Thursdays. Because it's just an easy run around the neighborhood, they don't mind strollers. I decided to go and ended up having a great time! I was reminded that running can be fun!

I found someone who runs a bit slower than I do and I ended up running a little slower and she a little faster than usual and we kept a nice and easy (to me) pace for 3.67 miles. Afterwards, we had free pizza and drinks at the store and even played a bean bag toss game where I was one of 4 finalists. When it was my turn, Debbie (the woman I had run with) kept Jack occupied for me. We got home and Jack told grandpa, "We have so much fun, grandpa." It really was a lot of fun and I'll be going back next week for their Cinco de Mayo fun run. We got home a little later than I would have liked, but being out past 8 once a week isn't going to hurt anyone!

Here are my stats for last week's shorter runs:

Tuesday, April 17, 6:06pm:
3.30 miles
40:01 minutes
12:07 avg. pace

Thursday, April 19, 6:39pm:
3.67 miles
48:42 minutes
13:16 avg. pace

This Thursday I'm doing the Firebirds Mile, a one mile run done in heats on a track. I ran this in 2009 and finished in 9:19:39. I definitely plan to break 10 minutes this time around. I'm actually looking forward to it!

Stay tuned for my 5K results!!

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