Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gettin' it done!

My previous post was one I meant to publish the week of March 19. 2 weeks ago. My goal at that time was to run 3.5 miles that weekend and then move up to 4. Well on March 24 I ran 4.09 miles and this past Sunday I ran 5.02!! I know I need to slowly increase my distance, but I really wanted to run 5. I'm going to run 5 again this weekend and next, then I'm running a 5k, then a 10k. All of May I'll just be preparing for my half on June 2. Crazy!

Here are my stats for the long runs and one short run:

March 24, 2012, 9:38am:
4.09 miles
47:15 minutes
11:34 avg. pace

April 1, 9:48am:
5.02 miles
12:39 avg. pace

April 3, 6:03pm:
2.20 miles
25:40 minutes
11:40 avg. pace

I'm also running during the week, which isn't easy when I don't get home until 5:45 and have to feed a toddler and get him ready for bed by 8. But last night I ran 2.20 miles while pushing him, my longest weeknight run this year. We got home, put away the stroller, walked to the park behind our house while eating pb&j's, and I still had time to give him a bath before getting ready for bed. It was great! It definitely helps that he's going to bed a bit later then he used to. I'm happy to have more time with him after work!

I have other weeknight runs I haven't posted about, but I'm going to start fresh and really try to post weekly updates. Besides, my long runs are the more important ones! ;)

I should also note that these long runs were done solo, sans stroller. If I have to run 5 miles while pushing a stroller I will, but I much prefer going it alone (or at least with adult company). Luckily Sidney now has weekends off work and can stay home with Jack while I get it done. He knows I need to run every weekend from now until race day and he also knows how important it is to me. It's definitely a load off, quite literally! :)

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