Monday, June 2, 2008

8K training and my obsession

My 8K training program started last Saturday with a 3.5 mile run. Tuesday we met at the track for a grueling workout. One time around the track is a quarter mile or 400 meters. Coach Dave had us do 2x400 which basically means running as fast as you can once around the track, walking to catch your breath, and then you do it a second time. We also jogged 3/4 mile as our warm up and cool down.

Someone was nice enough to show me how my now 2-year old watch works and I was able to time my 400 meter run. The first time around I ran it in 1:53 and the second time was a little slower for 2:02. That's an 8-minute mile and also the fastest I've ever ran!! I definitely wouldn't be able to run that fast for an entire mile, but you gotta start somewhere.

Instead of meeting this past Saturday for our 4 mile run, we ran a local 5K on Sunday. I finished in 31:45 minutes. Not bad! I even posted a pic on my profile. I usually hate pictures of myself running because I look crazy, but this one isn't terrible.

When the 8K program ends, the 10K begins and I'm going to sign up as soon as registration starts. I love these programs. I get to meet a lot of great people and I'm not stuck on a treadmill by myself. Plus it motivates me to get up on Saturday and then my workout is done before 10! That leaves the whole day free for riding my motorcycle. Or working on my arms (my new obsession). ;) I definitely don't want to be this mega-muscular buff chick with veins popping out but seriously, Madonna's arms are amazing!!

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