Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Solo long run

I've only run twice since I last posted, but Sunday I ran my long run and for the first time I ran it solo (No stroller!). I also ran further than I have in years and I really pushed myself. It felt so great! My quads are still sore today. :) I had planned on running today and Thursday, but this morning I just wasn't feeling it. I think I'll go for a quick run tonight and see how I feel tomorrow morning. It's super tough getting up and running at 6:30am when you haven't gotten enough sleep. But I don't want to lose momentum and I'm feeling great, so I just have to kick myself out of bed and do it! I always feel better after I've done it.

August 25, 6:52am:
1.42 miles
16:39 minutes
11:46 average pace

August 28, 12:09pm:
3.37 miles
37:09 minutes
11:01 avg. pace  :-)

This Saturday I'll be running the Kentlands 5k, also sans stroller, and my goal is to finish in under 35 minutes. I've done this run once before, in 2007, and I remember there being a few big hills. I finished in 31:30 with a pace of 10:09. I'm curious to see how I do this year! I'm actually really looking forward to it!

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