Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Running log

I'm going to try to use this blog as more of a running log. I haven't been updating too often and I'm really trying to get out and run more. Now with the RunKeeper app on my phone, I'm able to see exactly how far and fast I'm running. I went for early runs both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, July 30:
2.21 miles
27:40 minutes
12:32 average pace (minutes/mile)

Sunday, July 31:
2.68 miles
35:49 minutes
13:23 avg. pace

On Sunday, I did the longer run that I thought was 3 miles. Apparently, it's not, but it's a start! Once I get a little more comfortable with that run, I'll increase the distance. I can only do these longer runs on the weekend, because I just don't have the time during the week. Not to mention the fact that it's been way too hot. Once it starts to cool off, I can go back to running the 1.3 miles around the lake after work. For now, I'm happy that I'm out there at all!!

Jack really enjoys going out in the jogging stroller. He's never put up a fuss, but lately he's been getting excited once he knows we're going out. I tell him we're going for a run and once he sees me getting out the stroller, he starts saying "run!". He gets so upset when I leave him inside to put the stroller out and get everything ready. I'm glad he enjoys going running because mama needs it to keep sane! And I'm hoping he'll want to run when he's older too. I want to have a healthy family! :)


divinefrenzy said...

That's awesome that you run with him. I've run with a stroller and I know it's pretty challenging!

We try to go in the morning on the weekends before Liam gets up (and before it gets too hot) so to answer your question, I just run alone. I've been told that it's not advisable to run with a stroller if you have knee issues (like me) because it affects gait or something like that. Pretty much puts everything off a little, which is not helpful in my situation.

Oh, P.S. I meant to tell you that on FB, I think you meant to attach a link to the Rockville Kiddie run in your last comment, but it didn't come through! :)

divinefrenzy said...

I want to add that when we go running in the early morning before Liam gets up, my folks are at home (we live with them for now). We don't leave him there alone! haha I just wanted to clear that up if you didn't know or for anyone else reading this to know that we are not deadbeat parents!! LOL