Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting faster!

This is a huge shock (mostly to myself), but I have started running on weekday mornings before work. Jack is an early riser (he is up between 5 and 6) and I decided to take advantage of this and have now gone on a few runs. I am not a morning person so it takes a lot for me to get out of bed and make the decision to go for a run. I lay in bed thinking that I should go, but I don't actually get up and then it gets too late and I've missed the opportunity. When Jack wakes up, he sits in bed with me and I let him watch Sesame Street. Eventually he wants to get down and play, and that's when we start our day. I'm really trying hard to get motivated and get moving soon after he wakes up. It's not easy, but I've learned that it is doable!

Because of the time constraints, I've mostly been doing my lake run which is 1.3 miles and takes 20 minutes. My first early weekday run was on Friday August 5. I hadn't done this route in awhile since I've been doing a longer route on the weekends. I quickly noticed that it seemed easier, but it is mostly flat. Near the end of the run, there are 3 hills one right after the other. The first and last are very steep and the middle one is really long. I usually run up half way and finish each one walking. I didn't have to do that! I was able to run up all 3 hills (slowly, but still running) and finished in a good time. I didn't run at all that weekend and did 2 more morning runs the next week.

Last weekend I did my "long" run of 2.7 miles and I felt so great and didn't have to walk at all (and this route also has some big hills). I finished it in record time! Then yesterday we were up and ready to go even earlier than normal, so I decided I had time to do my 2.3 mile run. Again, I felt great and ran even faster! I actually wanted to keep going but even if it weren't for the time constraints, I need to stick to what I'm doing a little longer. I don't want to add miles on too quickly and risk injury. But I definitely don't want to slow down either! I love that I can see how fast I'm running with RunKeeper. And I love that the runs are getting easier and more enjoyable!

Here is my log for the last few runs (and all runs were done while pushing Jack in the Bob):

August 5, 2011, 6:46am
1.40 miles
17:33 minutes
12:34 average minutes/mile

August 9, 6:43am
1.43 miles
18:41 minutes
13:06 avg. pace (I wasn't feeling it this day, but went out anyway!)

August 10, 6:52am
1.40 miles
17:52 minutes
12:44 avg. pace

August 13, 7:08am
2.73 miles
34:11 minutes
12:31 avg. pace

August 15, 6:36am
2.33 miles
27:38 minutes
11:52 avg. pace (woohoo!)

Hopefully I'll make it out tomorrow morning and I'll definitely do my long run this weekend. I might do 2 more weeks of these distances and then I'll add to it. I'm excited!

And it's not a post without a cute picture of Jack in the jogging stroller!

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divinefrenzy said...

Woohoo!!! That's awesome! Just think how much faster you are without a stroller!

I need to get back into it. I'm going to try to run this afternoon.

Keep it up!! :)