Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kentlands 5K

I'm only 10 days late in posting, but better late than never! The Kentlands 5K was Saturday, September 3 and it was a perfect morning for a race. Cloudy, cool, and dry. I started out slow and kept a nice, steady pace. My final time was 34:29 and my average pace was 11:06. I know I could've been faster, but my goal was to finish in under 35 minutes and I accomplished that! Overall, I'm very happy with the outcome!

As we were driving home, a huge storm hit us. I was happy it started after the race was over! It rained the rest of the weekend and well into the next week. We got 13 inches of rain in less than a week! Needless to say, I didn't run all week. I ran last night for the first time since the race, and that was just a short run with Jack. Now I'm feeling sick and having bad stomach cramps, so I'm not sure when my next run will be. Hopefully I can get in a long run this weekend! It won't be long before it starts getting too cold and dark to take Jack out and I want to take advantage of the cooler weather we're about to get. And I definitely don't want to lose momentum!

Here's my log for the last few runs I did since the last post:

August 31, 6:07pm
2.21 miles
25:39 minutes
11:36 avg. pace

September 1, 6:19pm
1.43 miles
16:26 minutes
11:32 avg. pace

Sept. 3, 8:30am
Kentlands 5K
34:29 minutes
11:06 avg. pace

Sept. 12, 6:07pm
1.35 miles
16:32 minutes
12:16 avg. pace

I really hope I feel better by the end of the week so I can get in some more runs!

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divinefrenzy said...

Hey Rene! Thanks for the comments on both my blogs! I thought I changed the link for your running blog to the new one on my blog reading list, but when I just tried it again, no posts since 3 weeks ago show up. Grr to this new blogger interface. I think I have to delete it and then add it again.