Monday, July 21, 2008

The Race

I finished the race on Saturday night in 54:24 with a 10:57 pace. I couldn't find my running watch so I couldn't time it myself, but their time should be pretty close. It was very weird running at night but it was a great race. There were a ton of hills though! Just when I would get to the top of 1 hill to finally get some relief, another hill would come up! Despite the hills and the humidity, I finished with a great time and I felt great afterwards. Unfortunately a 61 year old man died during the race with 1 mile to go. I didn't find out until the next day on the news. They suspect it was the heat, but they couldn't say for sure. It didn't feel hot to me and the sun was down by the time we started, but I carried Gatorade and at every water stop took 1 or 2 sips of water and poured the rest on my head. I probably would've felt a lot worse had I not done that. You don't realize how hot it is until it's too late.

I'm signed up for the 10K/10-miler program which starts Tuesday August 5. I'm going to take it easy until then, doing the elliptical and running easy. It's going to be weird not going to the track tomorrow, but it'll also be good to take a break. I'm happy with the outcome of this program and I'm even more happy that I completed it! I hope the next one goes well and gets me prepared for the army 10-miler!

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