Thursday, July 10, 2014

Who's ready for Piyo??

Let me be real honest. I do NOT like yoga. It's just not for me. So when I heard about the new program coming from Chalene Johnson, I wasn't all that thrilled. It's called PiYo and it's a combo of yoga and pilates. I like intensity and I like to sweat. I don't want to hold long, awkward poses.

But I bought the program and have committed to doing it. So what are my thoughts 4 days in? I seriously, and surprisingly, LOVE it!! It's low impact, which is great for my runner's knees. You don't hold long poses. Instead, you're constantly moving. And you're definitely sweating! The day after doing Define: Lower Body, my thighs were burning! And the day after doing Define: Upper Body, my triceps, shoulders, back, and chest were all burning.

I'm building strength without using any weights. I'm sweating and burning fat without jumping all over the place. Which is great! Especially since I have Insanity for that. ;) I'm also working on 2 areas I desperately need help with- flexibility and balance. I'm so glad I decided to give this program a try. It's not what I expected at all and it's definitely something I need.

The best part? Anyone can do it. There's a modifier as well as a guy doing an advanced version. I'm in between!

The current challenge group my coach and I started is in full swing and filled up quickly! So I'm starting another one on July 28th. If you want in just contact me and let me know! You can also go HERE to buy your challenge pack. This month it's on a super duper special and you get PiYo for just an additional $10 when you buy Shakeology! Such an awesome deal and only good until the end of July!

I'd love to have you in our next group. You'll get lots of support and motivation as well as accountability, which is so important and helpful. You'll also get a nutrition guide, help with calculating and tracking calories, recipes, meal planning and prepping, shopping lists, and honestly anything else you may need that we can help you with. We're here for you, every step of the way! Even when the program is over and the challenge group closes, I'll be here to support and help you. It's a lifelong journey and we have better success when we're not going through it alone!

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