Monday, November 5, 2012

Rockville 10K Race Recap and A Zombie Run

My local Fleet Feet holds fun runs every Thursday night. Basically you just show up and run about 3-4 miles. Some weeks they hold raffles, and have games, pizza, and beer. I was taking Jack over the summer before it got too hot. I still shop there but haven't run with them since July. When I heard they were doing a zombie fun run on the day after Halloween I knew I had to go!

I left Jack with Grandpa and headed out not knowing what to expect. We ended up doing the same 3.2 mile route I was used to and right from the beginning I was on the lookout for zombies. They weren't allowed to grab you which was good to know! There would be 2 or 3 standing around any given point. Not scary, just really funny. I even laughed out loud a bunch! See, running can be fun! In the last half mile or so there were 3 zombies out in the open and as soon as I passed them, one jumped out from behind a fence right in front of me. That got a scream out of me!

Afterwards we were given a ticket to take to a wine bar in the same shopping center for a free drink. I grabbed a bottle of beer and tried my best to socialize. I recognized some people but don't really know any of them. I stepped out of my comfort zone and ended up having a great time. I had to relieve Grandpa and couldn't stay too long but all in all, it was a fun experience! I'm really glad I went and will definitely participate again next year.

Yesterday was the Rockville 5K/10K. I ran the 5K in 2006 and the 10K in 2008. This was only my 6th 10K and I was hoping to get a PR. I knew it was going to be close. My fastest 10K is 1:04:10 and my fastest time for the Rockville 10K is 1:05:39. If nothing else, I wanted to beat my course record.

It was freezing! Jack and Sidney came to cheer me on with Jack bundled up in the stroller. I wore a hat and gloves, it was that cold! I ended up taking my gloves off with about 2 miles to go. There were some rolling hills but mostly it was a pleasant enough race.

The last quarter mile I gave it my all and sprinted to the finish. My official time was 1:05:29. 10 seconds faster than in 2008. Not a 10K PR but I'll take it!!

This happened to be my 35th race overall and it's crazy to think I've run 35 races! But that is over a 6 year period. I love running and I love racing even more. Here's to 50 and beyond!

Here's my official race photo. Notice how I'm smiling and waving this time? Looks much better than my "running face" right?

I also got to see some friends I hadn't seen since April at the last 10K we all did. They commented on how skinny I look. That definitely made my day and gives me motivation to keep going!

Sorry for the super long post. I should've broken this into 2 posts but it is what it is!
Have a great week!

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