Monday, September 20, 2010

The Hills

No, this is not a post about the television show. This is a blog about running, remember? Anyways, going for a run after work is a challenge because there isn't a lot of time. Have I mentioned that before? Today was no exception and on top of that, I am extremely tired and have a headache. The last thing I wanted to do was run, but I didn't allow myself to make any excuses so off we went.

I took it slow and ended up having a great run. And guess what? I jogged up all 3 hills! Albeit slowly, but I jogged up them nonetheless. They are all 3 near the end and one right after another. If I start out going in the other direction, then I'll get the hills over with in the beginning. But for some reason I like saving them for the end. By the third one my legs felt like jello. I'm still amazed I made it without collapsing! I still have a slight headache, but after a cool shower and lots of water, I feel a hundred times better.

Now I need to start thinking about a new route so I can increase my distance! :)


Waterfall said...

Hills are the best for training! Glad you got out there, even though you didn't feel like it and didn't have a lot of time. That's inspiring to read--I have bailed on so many runs in the past few months because I was tired and only have a half-hour or less available. Keep up the great work!

B said...

You are so motivated! You go, girl!

And when I first saw the title on my blogroll, I totally did wonder why you were writing about the TV show ;)