Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pain is temporary...

...quitting is forever.

I had planned on running again last Sunday, but it was raining when I woke up so we enjoyed a relaxing day inside. I did, however, take Jack for a run Monday after work. Running after work is not an easy thing to do time-wise. A short run (aka my "lake run") is doable, but right now I just don't think I could do more than that. I'm hoping to start doing 2 short runs during the week and a longer run on the weekend. But I digress. I went for a run Monday night and was doing great. I was almost to the hills, which means almost done, and I hadn't stopped. I crossed a bridge, tripped, and fell on my knees. I skinned both knees pretty badly as well as my right hand. I had a death grip on the stroller with my left hand. Jack did go down, but not very hard and he was perfectly fine. The stroller also has a strap that you wear around your wrist so if you fall or lose your grip, the stroller doesn't get away from you. It really is a great stroller and worth the money!

Luckily I only got some minor cuts and bruises, which I bandaged well and everything is healing nicely. I was back out there this morning and had an awesome run. Other than walking up 2 of the 3 ridiculously big hills, I ran the whole time. And I didn't fall!

I also signed Jack and I up for a 5K on October 17. It's a run/walk, but I'd really like to run it. That's great motivation- something I definitely need right now!

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B said...

Yikes! Sorry to read of your fall! Even if you're not hurt badly, it's frustrating, but I'm glad little Jack was alright!

Way to stick with it, mama! I bet you'll be able to run the 5K no problem :)