Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rockville 10k

Last week I was supposed to run with someone on Sunday but I got really sick. I spent Saturday night and Sunday morning throwing up so I wasn't able to run. I did run 4 miles at the track that Tuesday and our race was this past Sunday, Nov. 2. I felt great and finished strong. I ran the 10k in 1:05:39 which is a 10:34 pace. Not too shabby! Even though our program is officially over, we're meeting Wednesdays at a local track to continue running. I think we're also meeting Saturdays for a long run but I don't have all the details yet.

I feel great and I'm defiitely going to continue running. I just spent a good chunk of change on some cold weather running apparel and I'm not letting it go to waste! I've also been pushing myself in class and I'm now up to 275 pounds on the leg press! I'm getting stronger and hopefully leaner too! I'm definitely running a Thanksgiving race so I'll post those results when I have them.

The above picture is our running group pre-race (I'm in the middle next to the coach) and below is me with about a quarter mile to go giving it all I've got! :)

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