Friday, January 16, 2015

2,015 in 2015

I'm still here, still running, and still trying to play catch up. So nothing new, right? :P

I signed up to run 2,015 miles in 2015! The most I've run in a single year is 701 so 2,015 seems a bit daunting. Thankfully I have a great running friend who I partnered up with and we're splitting the miles. We each need to run 1,007.5 which is still a challenge but a much more feasible one. In fact, I've already run 63 miles this month and it's only half over! I'm aiming to hit 110 this month and at least 75 each month after.

If anyone is interested in checking out this challenge and signing up (either solo or with a team), here's the link:
2,015 in 2015

And this is what 10 miles on the treadmill looks like!

All my runs this winter have been on the treadmill and it's making me a wimp to the cold. I feel like I need to get outside for at least 1 run a week, but I'm spoiled having such easy access to a treadmill.

Do you run outside during the winter months? What's the longest distance you've ever run on a treadmill?

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