Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Staying on Track

January has been going better than expected! I've been eating better, I feel better, and I'm running when I can. It's hard for me to run during the week but I've been running most Tuesdays and I always run a longer run on the weekend.

This past Saturday I ran 6.3 miles and I plan on running another 6 this weekend. Throughout February and March I'll increase my long run by 1 mile each week which should get me ready for the half on March 16th. I desperately need new shoes. Mine still have some life left but I need a new pair to get me through all these spring races. Hopefully that purchase will happen in February!

The group I've been running with on Tuesdays decided it was too cold last night and they cancelled the run. There's a coached group (part of my running club) that meets at a local high school track but the track is open to all club members, not just members of the training group. I don't have a treadmill or a gym membership so, despite the freezing temps, I headed to the track. It was 19 degrees and the coldest run I've done since 2009! It was definitely brutal and I wish I had layered even more than I did.

Before the run:

I wore a fleece headband under the balaclava (face mask) and 2 pairs of gloves! I need to wear a longer tank top or shirt under my regular shirt. Something I can tuck in to my pants. My stomach was so cold and by the end I was numb. I didn't realize just how cold and numb I was until I got in my car and started to regain feeling in multiple places. Not fun!

The training group was running intervals. Something like 6x400 with 400 recovery. I thought I would follow this plan since I can definitely stand to do some speed work (and I miss it). I started with a one mile warm up and thought I would do 3 miles total. I ended up not really following the plan. It was so cold and I just wanted it to be over so even on the recovery laps I was giving it a good effort. I ended up running 4 1/4 (with the 1/4 being the cool down) and I'm pretty sure it was the fastest I've ever run 4 miles. I use the MapMyRun app and I know it's not completely accurate. But I last ran 4 miles on Jan. 5th and my pace was 12:42. Last night my average pace was 9:56! I finished in under 44 minutes. Crazy!

I started Ripped in 30 again, with yesterday being day 1. I will eventually write a post about the various Jillian Michaels DVD's I've done. I completed the 30 day Shred in September and Ripped in 30 in October. I loved both and believe I got results from both. I just need to find something else I can do after I finish this round so that I don't spend another 2 months not doing any kind of strength training. Running is awesome and will always be my passion. But it alone will not give me the results I'm looking for. I know that now! And doing other exercises and activities will make me a better, stronger runner which is my ultimate goal!

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