Friday, July 13, 2012

The Naked Foot 5K

On June 24, Sidney and I ran the Naked Foot 5K. They encourage runners to run the race barefoot or with minimalist footwear, but it's not required. I decided I wanted the full experience and ran barefoot. It was awesome!

I didn't enjoy running on the pavement or the gravel but running in the grass, dirt, and mud was a lot of fun. Because this race wasn't timed and we were just out there to have fun, it was really laid back and I was able to enjoy it more. I don't know my official time, just that it's under 40 minutes which is alright by me!

Jack, waiting for the kid's run to start:


Sidney finishing the run, with Jack in tow:

This was Sidney's second 5K and both were in June. He's not a runner and didn't do anything to prepare for either race. Yet he managed to run both times pushing Jack and only finishing minutes behind me. Maybe he's got some natural talent?

This race was so fun and despite needing more time to recover, I'm really glad I ended up running barefoot. We even got technical shirts saying "I ran naked"! The Naked Foot race series started out in Colorado and they now travel around the U.S. to a few different cities. This was their first time in D.C.. I hope they come back next year so we can do it again!

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divinefrenzy said...

That is so awesome!! I love how you are getting your family involved in the racing! Oh, I'm sure Sydney could kill running! I bet he's the type of person who, once he starts running regularly, will excel VERY fast and be one of those fast runners. I WISH I was one of those people! Does he have the desire to start running? That's amazing that he pushed the stroller for a 5K! It sure is a feat in itself!