Friday, May 9, 2008

My new ride

I know this blog is supposed to focus on my training and running achievements, but it's also about me and so I have to share this awesome pic of me with my new Yamaha V Star 250! Also, my uncle apparently can't wait any longer to see a picture so this is for you! :) I took it home last Tuesday (well my dad rode it home to his house) and I'm loving it! Unfortunately it's been raining this week, but I did ride it into work on Tuesday and got to show it off to my coworkers. I've gone about 50-60 miles so far. I didn't think I would be so comfortable on it so soon or enjoy it so much but it's awesome! It's also really scary and makes me nervous but I guess a little fear is a good thing.

Back to my running updates: I did run 3 miles on both Sunday and Tuesday and plan to again tomorrow. I haven't gotten to the gym as much as I would like, but something is better than nothing. I still have a 10-mile race to train for though! I'm also considering taking a weight training class at Montgomery College in the fall. I'm hoping it'll help me get arms like Madonna! A girl can dream can't she? :)

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