Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Memorial 4-Miler and Super Long Run!

I'm way behind...again! I'm going to make this super quick. May 25th I went out for a run and was feeling good so I decided to go longer than I ever had before. The longest distance I've done on my own is 12 miles and then of course I've run a few half marathons (13.1 miles for anyone who doesn't know!). I ended up doing 14!

I felt good for the first 10 miles and was really feeling some aches during the last 2. But I did it and it felt awesome!!

I ran my 8th race of the year on Memorial Day- a 4 miler. I've run this race before, back in 2006. My time back then was 40:04. This time around I just wanted to finish in under 42 minutes and ended up finishing in 39:43! I continue to surprise myself as I blast through my goals. I really think I need to start giving myself more credit and expecting more because I know I can do more.

Near the start:

Smiling despite the uphill finish!

This 4 miler was my 45th race overall and I'm so excited to hit 50 this year!

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