Friday, April 19, 2013

Clarksburg 5K Race Recap

Before I go into any details about my (what now seems inconsequential) 5K, I want to take a moment to recognize the city of Boston and everyone affected by the bombings that occurred at the marathon on Monday. It was a senseless act that left many people broken and grieving. Word quickly spread about a campaign to wear race shirts on Tuesday and to "Run for Boston". I did just that, sporting my shirt from the Zooma Half Marathon at the track that night. After we finished our workout I ran one final lap on my own for Boston. I am so proud to be a part of this awesome community of runners. It may be an individual sport, but we are all in it together supporting one another. #RunnersUnite

On a lighter note, I ran a 5K this past Saturday that my whole family participated in. I ran this last year and finished with a better than expected time of 31:41. At that time I was training for my first half marathon for that June and my training had just begun in March. This year, having already run a half marathon in March and being stronger, fitter, and 10 pounds lighter, I was going for a PR. I really wanted a sub-30 5K.

I didn't sleep well the night before and had some cramping in my right quad. Not good. But I kept positive, telling myself that I could do this.

First up was the kids run. It was a good distraction! All week Jack was really excited at the thought of "racing" and getting a medal. When the time came to line up and he was all of a sudden surrounded by people, he wasn't too sure anymore. I really wanted him to run without my help. In past kids runs I've held his hand and trotted along with him. He's actually a fast runner and I was hoping he would do this one on his own. He really wanted to hold my hand and I just kept reassuring him that I would be right next to him the entire time. Daddy was waiting at the finish and that helped.

Waiting to start:

Lined up:


All done and sporting his medal!

He ended up doing very well. He ran the 100 yards without any help and he even smiled while doing it! I think he was very proud of himself as was I!

Next came the 5K. Sidney actually ran pushing Jack in the Bob. Last summer he ran 2 5K's (also pushing the stroller) but he hasn't run any distance since. Rather than just standing around waiting for me, he decided to run it. And he got a t-shirt and water bottle out of it. :)

I knew I'd be starting out semi-fast and he needed to stay in the back with the stroller. So I kissed them goodbye and made my way closer to the starting line. When the race started it took some time to get through the crowd and the first mile was my slowest.

I kept a good pace, definitely faster than I would ever attempt on a longer run. It wasn't easy but I kept telling myself it's only 3 miles. I've done mile repeats at the track. I can do this. I thought those 3 miles were going to creep along very slowly but before I knew it I hit mile 2. And then there was mile 3 just ahead.

There were 2 big hills and I was worried because almost the last quarter mile is almost all up hill. I couldn't sprint like I normally would at a finish until the last 10 seconds when the road leveled out. Going up that last hill I though, "Did I push myself enough in the first 2 miles? Did I give it all I had?" Despite wanting to finish in under 30 minutes, I told myself I'd be happy if I finished in under 31 with a time of 30-something. Actually I'd be happy just beating last year's time. I didn't want to be disappointed if I ended up not achieving my ultimate goal. But I really wanted that sub-30 and I knew I could do it.

When I got close enough to see the finish and the clock, it read 28 something. I couldn't believe I was so close! I sprinted across the finish and it read 29-something. I stopped my phone, which I hadn't checked at all, and it read 29:11. I had started recording the run before I actually crossed the starting line because I didn't want to be fumbling with my phone on the course. And then of course it took me a few seconds to dig it out and stop it. All I knew was that I had done it! I was so overwhelmed that I almost started crying right there! I had pushed myself harder than I ever had before and it paid off!

And you know what my official race time is? 28:38!! Under 29!! Woohoo!

I hung around the finish area waiting for Sidney and Jack. I had no idea when to expect them. After a couple minutes I saw the yellow stroller and cheered them on.

 I love Jack's little face poking out!

Sidney finished in 35:18 which is so awesome! He ran the whole way and didn't stop once. He immediately sat down, looking worn out and in need of fluids, but he says he actually wants to run more!

I love the Clarksburg 5K. It's very family-friendly with a very reasonable entry fee, awesome swag, and a great post-race party complete with raffles, moon bounces, vendor booths, etc. Jack left with a free soccer shirt just for being so cute and kicking a soccer ball like a pro, and I ended up winning a huge beach bag filled with tons of awesome stuff for summer. Sunscreen, bug spray, towel, and toys galore. I'm already looking forward to running next year!

The next family friendly 5K that we'll be doing isn't until the end of August, but hopefully we'll be able to find one along the way. I love having the whole family involved!

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