Saturday, June 25, 2011

Brain Health Blitz 5k

Last Sunday, on Father's Day, I ran my first solo race in over 2 years. It was awesome! It was also my first 5k of the year (the last one I did was last September). I made that one in under 40 minutes pushing Jack in the stroller. Going in, my only goal was to finish this one in under 40 as well.

It was a great course, going around a lake at one of my favorite shopping centers. Except that we had to go around it 4 times and by the 3rd time around, I was getting tired of the same route! It was mostly flat with one small hill. It wasn't easy, but I ran the whole way and pushed it a little on the last lap.

My official race time is 32:52! Woohoo! There were only 36 people running and it was such a nice, relaxed race, put on by the Alzheimer's Association. I don't think they advertised it really well so not many people knew about it, but it was great. I hope they do it again next year!

Jack and Sidney cheered me on and took some pictures while I ran.

I'm not sure when my next race will be, but I look forward to running much more. I've been running around my neighborhood more and last weekend I ran Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I'd love to run more 5k's and slowly work my way up to longer distances. My ultimate goal is still a half marathon!


divinefrenzy said...

Awesome!!! I know we are in different parts of the metro area, but we should do a 5K sometime! I am still trying to get back into it (I'm trying to find a PT to help with my knees), so I won't be ready until later this year. Thanks for keeping up with this blog. It's a good motivator. I should start one too!

divinefrenzy said...

Hey Rene!!! I started a running/fitness blog! You inspired me to start one! Thank you! Please follow: