Wednesday, February 25, 2009


On February 15 I ran the Country Roads 5 Miler. It was very hilly and hard at first, but a little more than half way through I picked up the pace and finished strong. I have a 5k this Sunday and an 8k at the end of March. My group is running 7 miles on Saturday! My 10-miler is on April 5 so I think starting next week I'm going to add on a little more mileage than what the group does each week. We've got a really good core group and we all run about the same pace. I've started running on Thursday nights with them too. I'm feeling stronger and more conifdent which each run and I'm glad to be running 3 times a week. I'm trying to add on weight training and other activities on days I don't run. We'll see how that goes! I did get a gym membership though so I should use since I'm paying for it. Here's a picture from this past Saturday after finishing our 6.5 mile run! That's the most I've run since the 10k in November!

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